Our objectives are the following as shown by Encarta and by the World Global

Abstract International Evocational Encyclopedia.


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Encyclopedia Americana: Content and Form.Symbol. International World Global Regional Character and Language. Holidays and Customs. Geography. Geometry.





Invention. Innovation. Avocation. Vocation.

Evocation. Poetry.



EnergyTheory Gifts. Wishes. Reciprocity. Ergometric Athletics. Fashion Daily. Atomic Fusionary Synthetics. Social Engineering. Industry and Order. Public Works. Transforming Atmospherics. Patterns.

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In Jullah, to the North, there are Litheral, Crystal, Geographical, Totemary Selective Obelisk Sutra Veda Pagoda Temple, Monuments, consisting of five to fifty levels, honoring the Way of the Spirit of Humanity, Placed Astrally by Day and by Night in Open Public Measured Spaces. As Owned by God, Owned Publicly, and Owned by the individual that Tends, Labors, Means, Applies and Supplies the Worldwide Commodity being both of Publicity and of Touristy. The books are 1025 in number and are crafted, illuminated and engraved. They are on Stone Clay Tablets baked, painted and glazed to perfection by the grading procession of I + 1. always resulting in Eternity Material. First Order is American English. Each book resides in one Global Village each by the Way of the Spirit Theme from the 1024 Mantras to Live by, to the 1024 Global Villages World Wide in which to Reside.

These are Patronage making, building, earning, and supporting of the Ways of the Spirit, Year by year for one thousand twenty five years until the next phase of carry, drive and support begins by Nurturing Nature, tending the Village Garden daily, and freeing the Animal’s Sanctuary to find their animal materials for their own playtime, building and fashioning in their own Animal Paradises. A Juggernaut. 1 acre per animal pair couple. 2 Acres total per set of couple by Action Photography and Media Photography that Evolves with the Objectives of Media Adaptation.

Fete, Fait and Fasting. 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily. During work/study Operations. Anatomy is an intensive study program at Imaginary University. Creative Optimation Workshop. Astronomy, Behavior Unified by Astral Sky Guide. Sanctuary. Constellatory.

Signed, Juliet DB Hayes. BA., MA

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